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Thank you to all who participated in this survey.

Plastic Bronchitis and Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Summary

Posted: May 2022


Seventeen people responded to our survey about plastic bronchitis and COVID-19. The average age of the respondents was 47 and ranged from 2-57 years old. The average household consisted of approximately 4 persons.

Vaccination Data

On average, approximately 4 persons per household were vaccinated. The majority of physicians recommended that persons with plastic bronchitis get vaccinated (71%, n = 12), but three physicians recommended against vaccination and two were indifferent. Based on these recommendations, 65% (n = 11) of respondents were fully vaccinated, one person with plastic bronchitis chose not to be vaccinated despite receiving this recommendation from their physician.  One participant was partially vaccinated and one preferred not to answer. Four reported that they were not vaccinated.

Covid-19 Illness 

Six respondents (35%) reported having acquired COVID-19. Five required no special treatment, but one required IV antibiotics. One patient reported that after infection, they had smaller and less frequent casts. Another respondent reported acquiring plastic bronchitis after infection with COVID-19. Illness symptoms are described in the below.

  • Patient 1: had symptoms like the flu

  • Patient 2: got admitted on Day 14 because symptoms were not resolving

  • Patient 3: Chills, headache, sleepy, unable to eat

  • Patient 4: Asymptomatic

  • Patient 5: Chills, runny nose, fever, then changed to headaches and fatigue at the end of covid, cough developed and progressed into having breathing problems, cough fits and 2 months later started spitting out PB casts

  • Patient 6: High fever, headache, body aches, coughing, no appetite, low O2, smell and taste Amplified

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